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What Is the Best TV Stand for You?

Initially you may believe selecting a TV stand is a simple thing to do, however it's just when you start looking, that you know how vast the choices are. Various colours, some constructed from glass, some timber, some metal or a combination, edge stands, TELEVISION cupboards, cantilever stands, the list takes place.

So Where Do You Start?

Dimension of the TV Stand

This is extremely important due to the fact that the stand must be big enough, yet not so huge that it overshadows your TELEVISION as well as looks too big. Stands are typically priced quote as being suitable for TVs approximately a specific size. This indicates you shouldn't put a TELEVISION on it that's larger than what is suggested, yet you can get away with TVs that are slightly smaller.

Idea: Check your TV measurements and also compare that to the stand, in particular the width. It will look strange if the TELEVISION overhangs the side, and it could not be safe. If you think you may upgrade to a larger TELEVISION in the future, you could intend to take into consideration obtaining a stand that is a little bigger compared to what you need. Not as well huge though, or else your existing TELEVISION will look out of place on a stand that is method as well huge for it. Plus some stands with brackets will just be suitable for TVs within a certain size variety.

Which Colour, Style and also Material Do You Want the Stand to Be?

TV Closets

These types of stands frequently are available in a more standard style box like form. They generally have cabinets, enclosed racks or doors on the front. A lot of TV closets are likewise usually made of wood as the main product, as well as some might have glass doors.

Tip: If you are mosting likely to place your devices like SKIES, DVD gamer etc inside the closet, you'll should see to it the remote sensing unit is visible through the glass door or panel.

Cantilever TV Stands

With these stands your TELEVISION is installed on a brace, which elevates the TV over the stand. This is a great option if you're searching for a contemporary appearance as well as is just feasible for LCD as well as plasma Televisions.

Corner TV Stands

As the name recommends, these stands are for when you placed the TELEVISION in the corner of the space. The stand looks the like a regular stand from the front, however it tightens a little to the back, so that it fits more snuggly into an edge.

Pointer: Corner stands are great if you're limited on room, because you'll have the ability to push the stand better into the edge as well as conserve a few much required centimetres.


A lot of wood TELEVISION stands are usually made with wood veneers hollow wood, aiding to maintain the price down. You must preferably search for the exact same kind of wood as your existing furnishings, so that it matches up and also doesn't look out of location.

Depending upon the make and also model, Creative DIY TV stand  can be found in ash, beech, cherry, mahogany, oak, pine or walnut.

Tips: If you like a particular style of stand but do not like the type of timber, it deserves asking if various other kinds of timber are offered (contact us here). If you desire a much better top quality stand, try to find versions that are made with 'actual' wood veneers, as they are generally hard to tell from genuine solid wood.


Again as the name suggests these stands are largely made of glass, normally consisting of 2-3 toughened glass shelves with metal sustains.

Pointer: Several glass stands included either clear or black glass racks. So if you only see a black glass variation yet want clear glass, it's always worth asking since both variations are usually offered.

Coloured TELEVISION Stands

While the most popular stand colour these days is black, you'll likewise find them in silver, white or even red. Some even more contemporary layouts are additionally readily available in a high gloss coating. So look out for colours that will certainly suit and match your area style.